Marek Neumann is a London based photographer specializing in architectural, interiors and fashion photography.

He is highly skilled in digital retouching using a special combination of techniques and professional software. He is dedicated to offering his clients excellent service and the highest quality professional photography.

His photographs were published in various national and international newspapers such as Laif, Advanced Photographer, London Informer, Ealing Gazette, ELGazette, Talusalema along with fashion magazines Oyster, Dilemmas, Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion as well as in Grazia Magazine France and The Rough Guide to Vintage London.

He cooperated and worked with well established corporations such as Thompson Yates, Borchard Lines, Serrano Evans Architects, RLG designed by Zaha Hadid and Google to name a few. He is available for photographic assignment or commission both locally and internationally.

If you are interested in his photography services or would like to get some more information please do not hesitate to contact the photograher.